Mint Hill Gardeners Share Their Bounty With Curbside Carts

“There are perhaps no better gardens in Mecklenburg County than in Mint Hill. From Wilgrove-Mint Hill Road, Lawyers Road, Highway 51 and everywhere in between, gardens spring up with tomatoes, sunflowers, squash, lettuce and watermelons.
But what to do with all the of the vegetables and fruits you can’t consume yourself or give to your family and neighbors?
You set up a cart in your front yard and sell it.”

Mint Hill Family Will Have A “Minute To Win It” On National Game Show This Weekend 

“A Mint Hill family will appear on the TV game show “Minute to Win It,” Sunday May 15 at 8 pm. The Canter family, mom, dad and three daughters, were flown to Los Angeles earlier this year to participate in the show. Confidentiality agreements won’t allow them to say how they did in the game show, so to find out, you’ll have to tune in Sunday.

Founding Mecklenburg County Father Gets New Grave Marker

“For a community that has been settled since the 1700s, there are many family names that still survive to this day. One founding father of the community, Sugar Dulin, was honored June 4 with a new headstone at the Philadelphia Presbyterian Church cemetery located next to the church.”

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